Knowing the NFL American Football for Soccer fans

Knowing the NFL American Football for Soccer fans

Knowing the NFL, American football for soccer fans


While the NFL is the biggest sports league in the US and the most watched too, outside of North America it inst that much popular, barely anyone watches it. While its counterpart (by name) Football or Soccer is the opposite. Football (Soccer) is played all over the world (even in North

America it has a huge following), thus making it the most played sports in the world.


Outlook of the games,


For most of the world, the word “football” means soccer or Associative football. But in America the word “football” is used for American football which is derived from the Gridiron football. While the name for both of the sport is similar, by looks and methods of play, both of them are like night and day. Needless to say, the two communities don’t get along that often and are mostly seen fighting (trash talking not serious fighting) on different forums. And after knowing both of the games I can definitely see the point and both agree and disagree. But we will get into my opinion later (which doesn’t really matter but I will give it anyways). For starters both game are played with a ball, both of them have goal posts and the goal for both of the games are same. Besides these, there aren’t that much of a difference. In contrast, Football (Soccer) as the name says is actually played with foot unlike the other one which in name only has foot (I am just joking, don’t hate me). The ball by which these games are played are also different. Besides sharing the same name there’s one more thing that both the sports have in common and that is to connect people and give them enjoyment and memories that lasts forever.


Game structure,


Football (S) fans are familiar with 45 minutes of play, 15 minutes of half time and again 45 minutes of second half play system of Football (S). But the American football inst played like that, its way more complicated than football (S). Yes, the game is played between two teams but this two teams contain about 106 players in total, that means 53 in each, but these 53 players are divided into 3 three different units, the attacking unit (19), the defensive unit (19) and the special unit (15). But in field only 11 players are allowed to be deployed from each team’s respective units. In football (S) the teams are comprised of Attackers, mid fielders and defenders and a goal keeper (total of 11 with maximum of 3 substitutes) all playing at the same time and continuously defending and counter attacking or attacking. But in American football the game is divided into two sides, defending or attacking based on the toss, hence the different units. The defending team’s defensive unit cant attack and the attacking side’s attacking unit cant defend. The job of the attacking team is to reach the end zone of the other team that is only to attack. While the defending team’s defending unit’s job is to stop the attacking team’s attacking unit’s from reaching their end zone. The attacking side gets 4 chances to reach 10 yards, if they fail to reach 10 yards within 4 chances or the ball gets intercepted or gets dropped then the teams switches their sides, the attacking team goes into defending by sending their defending unit and the previously defending team starts attacking by their attacking unit. Reaching the end zone of a team is considered as a touch down and it is worth 6 points. After a successful touch down the scoring team gets another chance to score some extra points known as points after touchdown. Here, a team can either try to do another touch down from the 2 yard line (might fail) which will give them 2 more points (commonly known as 2 points conversion) or just doing an extra point play. The special units are used for any kind of kicking plays. The play time is generally 60 minutes with 2 halves and 4 quarter of 15 minutes each. With half time period between two halves of 30 minutes and a short break after the 1st quarter and 3rd quarter. While the general play time is of 60 minutes a NFL game lasts for about 3 hours. Most of the time is consumed for the teams to prepare their respective units as at any time, any team can be attacking or defending based on the plays, thus the respective units are needed to be deployed, which naturally takes time. The final game of the NFL which is a showdown between the champions of the AFC and the NFC. NFC or the National Football Conference or the AFC the American Football Conference are the two conference consisting of 16 teams each, which is again divided into 4 different groups together makes the NFL. Before the merge of 1970 these two conferences were independent, but know they operate under the NFL and Super Bowl being the final game of the NFL. AFC and NFC both has their respective final games.


In general eyes American Football is a very dangerous game, as tackling is done and most of the time players jump on top of each other. There’s high physical contact which makes most of the people to avoid the game. But what most people often forget is that, this game has been around for a long time, and everyone had the same thoughts regarding the safety of the players, the football (American) we see today is almost nothing like the one of past. Sports in general has been modernized. Football (Soccer) fans often clash with the American football fans by mocking their play style, while trash talk is a part of any game but there a thin line of trash talking and toxicity which most of the time is crossed by them. Regardless of how a game is played or how it is named we should be respectful towards it as it is not just a game for 1 or 2 person. A game contains the emotion of thousands and some times of a whole nation. My point is regardless of what we enjoy or how we enjoy we should be respectful of each other and appreciate each others sport. Because sports is what that connects us all.



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