NFL The Game That Connects Millions

NFL The Game That Connects Millions

American football or simply “football” as referred in the America, is one of the most well known sports in the whole world. NFL which is a league for professional American football, is the most popular sports league in the whole US and has the most attendance count compared to any other league in the whole world. Judging by the sheer popularity and craze for the game it is not hard to imagine how impact full and closely tied it is to the American people. While baseball is considered to be the national sport of America and also referred as “America’s pastime”, football is no behind, in fact NFL’s Super Bowl outranks Baseball’s world series in terms of viewership count. Football is also very popular among the young generation and is widely played.


Football for rest of the world and for America,

Association football or soccer or simply football is played almost in every corner of the world. It is the most popular sport in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. It is also quiet popular in America while not as much as it is in other continents. American football is, as said before the most popular sport in the US. Though both of the games are termed as football there are little to no similarity between the two sport. Football (soccer) fans often mock American football fans for calling their game football as the game is mostly played by hand and there are little actions of a player’s feet with the ball. Never the less, both the football has a dedicated fan base all over the world.


100 Years of glory,


The NFL (National Football League) now consists of two associations, the NFC and the  AFC, each association consisting of 16 teams. But things weren’t the same at the beginning, in 1920 the NFL we call today was founded, in fact it wasn’t even called NFL until 1922. The NFL was founded consisting of 10 teams from four states. Among the 10 founding teams, only 2, the Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals are still in the scene. The game itself has been reshaped many times, the major being the “Merge” of 1970. The merging of the two major leagues became the pivotal point of the massive success of modern day NFL.


Super Bowl the cultural marvel,


After the merge of 1970, the final game of the NFL has been renamed to Super Bowl and is usually held on the first Sunday of February each year. The Super Bowl is not just any final game of any league, its THE FINAL game of the most handsome league in the World. So, naturally it is loud, its big and its grand. The championship game of the NFL is usually accompanied with other forms of entertainment like live performance and such. The Super Bowl is also a grand place for marketing as  thousands and thousands of people all over the US and the world keeps their eyes on it. Famous celebs and world renowned persons can be seen in the gallery enjoying this grand event. The atmosphere of the Super Bowl is what makes it such a memorable event. The screaming of the crown, the last minute clutch touchdowns, the joy of seeing our favorite team wining and the tears when they are loosing, all these together makes the Super Bowl such a cultural marvel.


The commercial impact of Super Bowl,


The NFL is one of the Four Major North American Professional Sports League, the richest among all and has the most valuable teams contrast to any other league. Living in the America and not knowing about Super Bowl is like the Cleveland Browns wining the Super Bowl. So, naturally the Super Bowl has a huge impact in the economical growth of the host cities. According to the Super Bowl host committee the 2020 Super Bowl at Miami had about $571.9 millions of impact. About $246 Million was from the spending by the teams, crowd, media and the NFL staff members. About 4.5 thousand of full time and part time jobs were made. This shows much of an impact Super Bowl has on the national economy. And Super Bowl is just a fraction of what the football does for the whole nation.


Madden NFL the virtual playground,


With the development of technology we have almost everything at our hands. And now by the blessing of science we can, not only watch our favorite teams play on the ground but also just join them. Madden NFL is the virtual American football game developed and published by EA sports. The latest series of the game is Madden NFL 2021 featuring Lamar Jackson the quarterback for Baltimore Ravens. In the game, one can play as a rising super star and create one’s own story or simply can take control of the teams playing in the associations and lead them towards glory. Everything is possible within the bounds of the game, even the title-less can gain titles and the titans can be dethroned. The game also features online play, where the opponent will be a real person. There is also a ranked mode where the real test of one’s skills are taken. There is a huge community for the Madden series and the game is beloved by the fans. Almost every year a new series of the game is released by EA. Fans wait eagerly for the new releases every year. The game is available on all platforms including mobile, so it is possible to play even in cars and while traveling.

Football is not just any game to us. It is a way of life. It has accompanied us through our bad and good times. The fun and happy moments that football has given us is unforgettable. The roller coaster of emotions attached with the game is what makes the game so much special. The way football connects us all together is totally magical. Sharing these memories with our loved ones is how the game connects all of us. Football is an inseparable part of our life.

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